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History and museums in the Val di Non:
tips from Blumenhotel Belsoggiorno in Malosco

The history of the Val di Non can be felt at every step: you will experience a journey through time, in the most renowned museums and castles of Trentino. Among the many attractions, the staff of Blumenhotel Belsoggiorno in Malosco recommend: the Museo Etnografico of farming culture in Anaunia, the Museo Retico and the Gampen Gallery. Also discover ancient crafts: the Segheria Veneziana (Venetian sawmill), still in operation using water power, and the Museo del Legno (wood museum) in Coredo.

The Val di Non not only offers museums. For a journey through the history of Trentino, leave your books at home and take a tour of the castles. Dotted  throughout the area, they are testimony of the rich history of the Val di Non. Castel Thun in Ton, an elegant stately building, which was home to the ancient and powerful Thun family from medieval times to the 20th century. Recently restored and open again to the public, it is surrounded by the apple orchards of the Val di Non, which, throughout the year, give visitors an unrivalled natural feeling of wellbeing. If you are a fan of medieval history, take a visit to Castel di Altaguardia and Castel San Pietro.
Take advantage while on holiday in the Val di Non: take a break and grasp the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to visit the Santuario San Romedio, the new home of the brown bear of Trentino, the Eremo di San Biagio (hermitage of St. Biagio) and walk along the Cammino Jacopeo d’Anaunia trail.

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LISTEN... to the tales and exciting historical events of the Val di Non, within the walls of Castel Thun or the Santuario di San Romedio.