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Blumenhotel Belsoggiorno restaurant in the Val di Non:
menu with zero kilometre products and for celiacs.

Your sensory holiday in Trentino begins at the table, at Blumenhotel Belsoggiorno in Malosco, a hotel and restaurant for celiacs in the Val di Non. The kitchen is the realm of our family: we personally take care of all details to offer you the best and enhance our menu with zero kilometre products and dishes for celiacs. We select local products: fruit and vegetables from our vegetable garden, cheeses from local and alpine dairies in the Val di Non, and other ingredients from local producers to offer you all the genuine flavours of Trentino in all our dishes. Ingredients are re-elaborated with the flair and creativity of our chefs. Federico, Fabio and Maria Rosa offer you something different and original every time.

Eating well and with gusto should be a pleasure for everyone: this is the philosophy of our restaurant and hotel in the Val di Non. Every day, on our menu offering zero kilometre products, you will also find dishes for those with gluten intolerance. Our gluten-free dishes are meticulously prepared so that everyone can have a carefree holiday in Trentino without any worries.

Blumenhotel Belsoggiorno in Malosco: the sensory holiday in Trentino.
TASTE... the cheeses from the dairies in the Val di Non, local products and gluten-free dishes.